Who Is Joe Ravioli?

Joe Ravioli - A.K.A. “The CHEESIEST imPASTA”, is a Ricotta filled Compulsive Gambler who borrowed a lot of Dough from The Mozzarella Family.

Oh No! Tomato Sauce came in last. He wagered all the Dough on this one horse at the Tortellini Racetrack. Madone, the Yeast Rising Interest is out of control and Joe can't pay any of it back anytime soon.  

The Mozzarella Family puts out a Calzone Contract and hires The Meatball Gang to search and find Joe, and bring him back alive, then Boil him Head First "Al Dente" Style!

Now with The Mozzarella Family owning the Town and The Meatball Gang up and down all the streets searching for Joe, it’s a like a Pepperoni Pizza Pie (Total Meaty Cheesy Chaos).

It’s hard for Joe to leave town with an empty wallet, so he needs to hide himself in the Cheesiest of Disguises.  

Fuggedaboutit! ​​

Joe Ravioli 28
Joe Ravioli 27
Joe Ravioli 26
Joe Ravioli 24
Joe Ravioli 23
Joe Ravioli 22
Joe Ravioli 21
Joe Ravioli 20
Joe Ravioli 19
Joe Ravioli 18
Joe Ravioli 17
Joe Ravioli 16
Joe Ravioli 15
Joe Ravioli 14
Joe Ravioli 13
 Joe Ravioli12
 Joe Ravioli 11
Joe Ravioli 10
Joe Ravioli 9
Joe Ravioli 8
Joe Ravioli 7
Joe Ravioli 6
Joe Ravioli 5
Joe Ravioli 4


This roadmap outlines our goals and where we want to take Joe Ravioli. We have a lot of ideas and concepts that we are working on.

Dec 2022

-The First 7 Ultra Rare Auction Drop!
Ultra Rare Holders receive 3 "Free" CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT's
Ultra Rare Holders Wallet is added to "Special" Ultra Rare NFT Auctions

- First 1000 NFT "CHEESIEST imPASTA" Pre-Sale Mint

- Full IP Rights given to holders of "CHEESIEST imPASTA"

- A portion of the profits will be donated to Move For Hunger to help feed the hungry

- Joe Ravioli buttons, magnets, decals being sold in specialty stores

- Surprise Free Token to first holders!!

Q1 2023

-The next 30 Ultra Rare Auction Drops

- Joe Ravioli Apparel being sold on and in Apparel Marketplaces

- Partnership with Print on Demand Services:
Holders of the CHEESIEST imPASTA NFT's can monetize their IP rights and sell apparel, mugs, magnets and more with no overhead costs. Can be sold directly on the Teelaunch Website or a personal holders online store.

- Partnership with a Pasta brand will be pursued

- Masterclass Webinars for holders:
-- SEO how to rank #1 on Google
-- How to be a top retailer on Amazon
-- How to Market Your NFT Merchandise
-- How do design a Generative NFT
-- Easy Smart Contracts

- CHEESIEST imPASTA 1st Round Open Sales

Q2 2023

- The Remaining Ultra Rare Release Auction Drop

- CHEESIEST imPASTA Final Round Open Sales

- The Next Chapter of the Joe Ravioli story revealed!
-- Surprise Free Token to first 100 holders of the Next Chapter!!

- Masterclass Webinars for holders:
-- Copyright and IP Protection
-- Why it is encouraged to have full Validation of your NFT's
-- Surprise Guest Webinars

Q3 2023

- The Next Chapter of the Joe Ravioli story continues!

- Free to play Joe Ravioli Games introduced
-- Re-Skin options for NFT Holders will be offered

- Additional Charity Commitments Revealed
-- Voting from NFT Holders on which Charity to pursue

Q4 2023 and Beyond

- We will be Listening to our holders and community to help decide the best direction for the project. After all, we are Familia!

We are open to expanding into the Metaverse once it is tangible to do so. We do not feel it is practical at this time at the stage of the Metaverse or its current adoption. We have connections in the film and television industry, but obviously we can't make promises here. As our brand grows, we will be leveraging our connections to make Joe Ravioli a household name.

Collection Rarity

Each NFT is algorithmically generated by combining 160+ unique traits across different categories. In the Rarity classification, we have a few rare components that will only appear on so many NFT's. Below is a sample list of special rare components and the percentage of appearance.

These auto generated png's are generated at 1080x1080 pixels.

Head Gear
Shirt Style

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Frequently Asked Questions

When is the mint date?
What's an NFT?
Why a Ravioli?
What will I get, and what can I do with my ULTRA RARE NFT?
What exactly will I get, and what can I do with my Generative NFT?

Phase 1 - Ultra-Rare NFT's

These Ultra Rare NFTs are 600x600 PNGs were meticulously handcrafted and not auto generated like either of the Generative Collections. Neither of the Generative Collections will ever produce an exact replica, making these very special to their Holders.

The "ULTRA RARE" First Drop!

Joe Ravioli 
The Cheesy Loanee

Gulp. I see what everyone means. Never get involved with the Mozzarella Family and their Meatball Gang. Well, got the Dough to Place the Bet on Tomato Sauce. If I lose, I already know who the Boiling Water is for. Who am I kidding? I won’t lose, I have a Sure Bet!
Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Nerd

Of course, the Mozzarella Family is a bunch of Mob Bullies, but they would never the heart to pick on a nerdy nerd like me.

Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Jokester

Maybe this jokester type of disguise will be a great look for me to get through the day without any trace. I got my funny suit and hat, my fake nose and glasses, and my squirting bowtie. Ready for any performance, and I highly doubt they would notice me now.
Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Director

Hey, I got a great idea. I can make believe I am directing the next Mob Movie and have them in the palm of my hands. I hear they all want to be mobster actors!.

Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Eyes

They don’t want a robotic freak doing them wrong in the cam recording eyes of the law to see, so they jump into their cars and drive away.
Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Rebellious Teen

I sure know that the Mozzarellas do not want to deal with teenagers and their crazy curbside nonsense. I will just play the rebellious act and pinpoint it just right, while I strut right by them.
Joe Ravioli
The Cheesy Daredevil

Who doesn’t love to watch a daredevil jump over 5 pizza parlors? Maybe they will feel bad for me and my wounds. I could limp right by them all.

The "ULTRA RARE" First Drop Animations!

The Cheesy Wager -Animated

Oh no! Tomato Sauce came in last at the Tortellini Racetrack today. Why did I bet everything on him? I should have never got involved with the Mozzarella Family in the first place, because now I can’t pay pack the Dough I borrowed, plus with the rising Yeast interest on top. Now I need to disguise myself, so they don’t ever find me.
The Cheesy Eyes - Animated

They don’t want a robotic freak doing them wrong in the cam recording eyes of the law to see, so they jump into their cars and drive away.
The Cheesy Boiling Water - Animated

Oh No!!!
Is this the fate of Joe???
Say it isn't so!!!


Joe Goes In Disguise - Generative Collection

Joe continues his disguises but he gets Cheesier with each one. The CHEESIEST imPASTA Generative Collection in generated with elements that are extremely unique from the ULTRA RARE. Joe has less money to spend now on his disguises and tries hard to keep the impersonations fresh and new as to not draw attention to himself. How many Cheesy disguises can he muster up?

The Meatball Gang

Joe Goes Underground - Generative Collection

Joe get’s snagged up by the F.B.I. (Fettuccine Bureau of Investigation), after the IRS (Internal Rigatoni Service) reported him to them about never paying his Tacconi-Taxes the last few years. Well Joe tells him is current circumstances about losing borrowed dough from gambling.

Once Joe mentioned his involvement with The Mozzarella Family, a Plea Bargain came to mind. He said if he was able to get back all his Cheesy Disguises that the F.B.I. confiscated, he would go underground into The Meatball Gang’s hideout and could dig up some dirt on them and The Mozzarella family.

The FBI agreed and will also allow Joe to enter The Wheatness Pasta Protection Program, but only if Joe is successful  finding enough of criminal activity and evidence.

Joe Goes Underground as The Meatball Gang Collection!

To be revealed soon!!